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Jesus, Your Closest Confidant

Bishop T. D. Jakes says there are three types of people with whom we find ourselves allied. I don't think this applies to casual acquaintances, but to those whom we would actually count as our friends.

Comrades are those who are against what you are against. They are loyal during the battle, but the relationship ends once the battle is won.

Constituents are those who are for what you are for. They share your goals and will work with you to achieve them. However, they are in the relationship for their goals, not for you personally. So if someone else is moving toward the goal more quickly, the constituent will weaken his or her alliance with you and become closer to the other person.

Finally, confidants are those who are invested in YOU. They genuinely want what is best for you and will be with you regardless of how things are going. These are RARE.

Some people don't have any confidants and nobody has more than a handful. Who would stay by your side if they knew every terrible thing you had ever done? Who among your friends is in your life not because they "have" to be, not because of what you're both against or for, and not because of what you can do for them, but because they just simply love you and want the best for you? Who calls to check in on you? Who wants to be around you for no other reason than to be in your presence?

When you truly and deeply realize that Jesus is your closest confidant, it changes everything. When you understand that He knows all of your deepest, darkest secrets and still loves you, it changes everything. When you know that He saw you at your absolute worst and loved you so much in that moment that He joyfully stepped in and took the beatings for you - because He loved you - it changes everything. When you learn how He was beaten and bloodied until He was no longer recognizably human - because He loved you - it changes everything. When you finally comprehend that at this point, when most people would have collapsed from the pain and blood loss, He found strength in His love for you and carried a heavy wooden cross to a rocky hilltop where He was crucified and died an agonizing death - because He loved you - it changes everything. And when you acknowledge that this great love did not end with His death, but that He defeated death and Hell and busted back out of that grave - because He loved you - it changes everything. Jesus knew that you couldn't do anything for Him in return and might even reject His sacrifice, but He joyfully chose to do all of this anyway - because of the great love that He (your closest confidant) has for you. And that changes everything.


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