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The House has voted to impeach President Trump. Here's my analysis:

Regardless of which side you're on...

Phase 1: Nobody is surprised that the House voted to impeach the president. His detractors feel vindicated in the moment, but none of his supporters will leave him.

Phase 2: Nobody will be surprised when the Senate acquits him. His supporters will feel vindicated in the moment, but none of his detractors will support him.

Analysis: Most of us (either side) have been getting our information from sources we consider unbiased and have drawn the only possible conclusion from the information we're presented. The other side (either one) thinks we're misinformed and if we only knew what they knew we'd agree with their conclusion. At the end of the day everything will be the same as was before any of this began, everyone will be disappointed that the other side doesn't accept their side's conclusion, and we (as a country) will have wasted a tremendous amount of energy, money, and time for naught.

I understand the necessity of political disagreement (I regularly participate in it), but we have been too deeply divided along partisan lines since at least the election of 2000 (although there was a break for a few years after 9/11). Social media and the 24-hour news cycle have exacerbated the problem. I was part of the divide for a while and I know that many of you still are. For the sake of our nation and its children, I hope it goes away soon.


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